Fully Turnkey Cryptocurrency Mining Solutions In Pennsylvania & Georgia (USA).

  1. Pennsylvania Turnkey Crypto Mining Container Park #1 – Pennsylvania has 80MW capacity. This site is a private power station with land for container building. They hold 250 new gen miners and are now available to buy. These containers are available for sale with a 3+ month lead-time and a $150,000 price tag. If you purchase the container, power pricing is 5.5cs. If you don’t want to buy it, the container pricing will be 6.5c/kWh. 1MW minimum.
Turnkey Crypto Mining Solutions

Turnkey Crypto Mining Solutions

Pennsylvania Turnkey  Bitcoin Mining Container Park #2 РTomorrow, we will launch a new facility. This site can offer large clients some of the most competitive all-in rates in North America. Below is high-level term information. 1MW Minimum.

  • Co-location: 5.5 to 7.5 cents per Kilowatt Hour ( kWh depending on the volume).
  • Container Co-location: 4.7 to 5.5 cents per Kilowatt Hour (depending on the volume).
  • In this model, a client can bring their own container or buy one through us for approximately$100,000 per MW.
  • Deposits for 2 months in advance
  • Term Length: From one month to three years, depending on volume. Larger deals will require longer contracts due to our greater exposure.
  • Timeline and Capacity for Deployment – We can build new capacity up to 400 megawatts within 8-12 weeks of a deal being signed. We can coordinate delivery and build out schedules because so many people will be buying miner for delivery later in the year.
  1. Georgia Turnkey Mining Container Park has 150 MW capacity and 10MW in use. It is situated next to a substation that is maintained by the city. Redundancy is therefore not an issue. It is also surrounded with forests, giving it a natural windbreak. Full service hosting is available at 6c. We offer discounts for deployments up to 5MW+ and 5c if customers bring their own containers. A container solution is also available, designed by miners for miners. It operates at 100% efficiency on-site. 1MW Minimum.

Everything you need to start your Bitcoin mining operation with a Bitcoin mining container, including next generation miners, containers, power/land, and management. Below is an estimate of pricing (prices and availability subject to change frequently).

  1. One MW Container contains approximately 300 BTC miners of the next generation – $150,000
  2. Equip with approximately 300 S19 Pro miner – $2850,000 (assuming $9500/miner). These S19 Pro prices can change frequently.
  3. Monthly managed OPEX cost $34,560 (300 miners, x.05 centsx3.2kwx24 hoursx30 days/month).

Bitcoin mining container priceTo make this a complete turnkey crypto mining solution, we can also provide you with used ASIC units. Many miners who are well-informed are purchasing ASICs (ie used S9s) at lower market rates to be able to profit from the bull/bear market runs. Prices and availability can change frequently.

Oklahoma Bitcoin Mining Investment/Partnership Opportunity – October 2022

Our partner offers a joint venture in 52% green and 48% grid power, up to 200MW in OKC. Potential partners must have equity of $57.5 million. After funding begins, it will take 6-12 months to complete the project. The cost of power is $30.50/MW

Texas USA Bitcoin and Turnkey Crypto Mining Investment/Partnership Opportunity

One of our solution providers is looking for $500k-15M investments to build a 50MW digital currency mining business at a source very low-cost, stranded wind energy in Texas. The project can be started immediately in 2021 after load studies, preliminary engineering and design work are completed. Energy starting at $25/MWh

Create Your Own Bitcoin Mining Facility – Starting at 1 Cents per KWH

A supplier has a new solution for electro magnetic generators (clean, renewable power) that can be used to mine crypto coins. For a minimum of 2MW, the pricing starts at 1 cent per kwh. Although the initial investment is high ($10 million+), it is eligible for financing options and rebates from local governments. To learn more about this technology, you will need an NDA. For more information, please contact us.

Oregon USA

The turnkey operation and crypto mining data center provide an opportunity to purchase an existing mining company located about an hour from Portland International Airport. The data center is situated in 6,500 square foot of a rented building acording to the Turnkey Crypto Mining Blog. The landlord expressed an interest in the sale of the building and adding a real-estate ownership element, if necessary. A local utility district provides hydro-generated power at 4.4 cents per kWh all-in. There are currently 3 MWs in construction, with the potential to grow to 10 MW within an existing industrial center. The center owns all electrical equipment (transformers and switches, distribution). The center has high-capacity exhaust fans and 48 tons mechanical air conditioning. The center has been operational continuously for 5 summers without any heat-related downtime. Sellers are motivated and open to all offers. For more information or pricing, please contact us.

Paraguay 1.5MW Bitcoin Mining Farm for Sale

The crypto mining data center is located 20 minutes from Paraguay’s Asuncion Airport. It is located 600 yards from a 60MW-100MW substation. This substation provides clean hydro power for less than $0.04 cents, including all taxes. The 1.5MW Transformer (Medium 23kv tension) is currently installed and connects directly to Racks. This operation is complete and ready to go. It comes with a local bank account, an import license, and a local company. The contract with the Electricity provider can be changed to suit the needs of the new owner. Seller will consider all offers.

Sell price: $185,000 USD Note: The Farm will include 120 “old” miners. Paraguay’s advantages include a low tax burden (VAT and Income), green power, stability in politics, etc.